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Pak SIM Data refers to the comprehensive database of information associated with SIM cards issued in Pakistan, including details like the SIM owner’s name, address, and CNIC number. Enter the CNIC or Mobile number in the below Text field

What is Pak sim data

Pak SIM Data refers to the comprehensive database of information associated with SIM cards issued in Pakistan, including details like the SIM owner’s name, address, and CNIC number. In this article, we’ll explore Pak SIM Data, delve into Pak SIM GA, and understand how these tools can verify SIM card authenticity and enhance security.

Understanding Pak SIM Data

Pak SIM Data refers to the extensive collection of information associated with SIM cards issued in Pakistan. This data includes details such as the SIM owner’s name, address, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, and other relevant identifiers. Managed by telecom authorities, Pak SIM Data ensures that every mobile user in Pakistan is registered and accounted for, serving multiple critical purposes.

What are the Benefits of Using Pak Sim Data?

Pak SIM Data refers to the comprehensive database of information associated with SIM cards issued in Pakistan, including details like the SIM owner’s name, address, and CNIC number. Pakistan Sim data also offers other such as CNIC Information, Electricity Bills Checker, and many other useful tools.

Enhanced Security

One of the foremost benefits of Pak SIM Data is the enhancement of national security. By maintaining a detailed database of SIM card owners, authorities can quickly trace and monitor mobile activities. This capability is crucial in preventing criminal activities, fraudulent practices, and unauthorized use of mobile networks.

Customer Verification

For businesses, particularly in the telecom sector, Pak SIM Data is invaluable for customer verification. It ensures that all SIM cards are registered to legitimate users, thereby reducing the risk of misuse and identity fraud. This verification process also aids in the activation of services, ensuring they are provided to the right individuals.

Regulatory Compliance

Telecom operators must adhere to regulatory requirements set by the government. Pak SIM Data helps these operators comply with regulations regarding SIM card registrations and user information, avoiding legal issues and potential penalties. It ensures that the telecom industry operates within the legal framework, promoting a secure and trustworthy environment for consumers.

Pak SIM GA (General Availability) is a service designed to provide users with general information about SIM cards. This service is an extension of Pak SIM Data, offering additional functionalities that cater to various verification and information needs.

Key Features of Pak SIM GA

SIM Card Information

Pak SIM GA allows users to access basic details about a SIM card, including the telecom operator, activation status, and service area. This information is crucial for verifying the authenticity and current status of a SIM card, ensuring it is valid and operational.

User Verification

Pak SIM GA plays a vital role in user verification processes. By providing access to essential SIM card data, it helps businesses and authorities confirm the identity of the SIM card owner. This verification is particularly important for financial transactions, mobile service activations, and other scenarios where identity confirmation is required.

Enhanced Customer Support

For businesses, especially those in customer service roles, Pak SIM GA enhances support capabilities. It allows support staff to quickly retrieve and verify SIM card information, resolving customer queries and issues efficiently. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.

What information does Pak SIM Data provide for CNIC numbers?

Pak SIM Datais a service that offers comprehensive details associated with SIM cards linked to specific CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) numbers. Here’s what Pak SIM GA typically provides for CNIC numbers:

1. SIM Car Owner Details

  • Telecom Operator: Identifies the telecom company that issued the SIM card.
  • SIM Activation Status: Indicates whether the SIM card is active, inactive, or deactivated.
  • Service Area: Provides information about the geographical area where the SIM card is registered and primarily used.

2. Personal Information

  • Owner’s Name: The registered name of the individual associated with the CNIC number.
  • Address: The registered address of the SIM card owner.
  • Contact Information: Phone numbers and other contact details linked to the CNIC.

3. Verification Data

  • Registration Date: The date when the SIM card was registered.
  • Verification Status: Confirms whether the SIM card and the associated CNIC have been verified as per regulatory requirements.

4. CNIC Details

  • CNIC Number: The unique CNIC number associated with the SIM card(s).
  • Issued By: The issuing authority of the CNIC (typically NADRA in Pakistan).

5. Multiple SIMs Information

  • Number of SIMs Registered: The total number of SIM cards registered under the same CNIC.
  • Details of Each SIM: Information about each SIM card, including phone numbers, activation dates, and usage status.

This data is crucial for ensuring the authenticity and verification of SIM cards, aiding in regulatory compliance, and enhancing security measures for both telecom operators and users.


Pak SIM Data, along with services like Pak SIM GA, plays a crucial role in enhancing security, verifying identities, and ensuring regulatory compliance in Pakistan. By understanding and utilizing these tools effectively, businesses and authorities can provide better services, prevent fraud, and contribute to a secure and trustworthy telecom landscape.

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