Sim Owner Details Pakistan

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What Is SIM Owner Details?

In today’s world, we use phones to talk to each other. But sometimes, we get calls from numbers we don’t know. Who is calling us? We want to know who owns that phone number. Finding out who owns a phone number is called finding SIM owner details. Let’s learn more about it in simple words.

Understanding SIM Owner Details

Every phone has a small card inside it called a SIM card. This card helps the phone connect to the internet and make calls. Each SIM card has information about the person who owns it. But it’s not easy to find this information.

Ways to Find SIM Owner Details

Asking the Phone Company:

You can call or visit the company that provides your phone service. They might be able to tell you who owns the phone number.

Using Websites:

Some websites say they can tell you who owns a phone number. But be careful. Some of these websites might not be safe to use.

Using Phone Apps:

There are apps you can download on your phone that claim to find out who owns a phone number. But not all of them are trustworthy, so be cautious.

Getting Help from the Law:
If you think there’s a problem, like someone harassing you, you can ask the police for help. They have ways to find out who owns a phone number legally.


Finding out who owns a phone number can be interesting, but we need to do it the right way. We should always respect people’s privacy and be safe online. Whether we’re curious or worried about our safety, let’s do things responsibly and follow the rules. 

What Details Does Provide Against a CNIC Number? is an online lookup search engine designed for the Pakistani audience, offering detailed information about SIM card ownership based on the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number. When you enter a CNIC number on their platform, you can typically expect to retrieve the following details:

Full Name
The registered name of the individual associated with the CNIC.

Number of SIMs Registered
A count of how many SIM cards are registered under that specific CNIC across various mobile network operators.

Network Details
List of mobile network operators (such as Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone) where SIM cards are registered under the given CNIC.

SIM Card Status:
Status of SIM cards indicating whether they are active, suspended, or deactivated.

Registration Date
Date of registration for each SIM card linked to the CNIC.


SIMOWNERDETAIL.COM.PK is Tools that help you to find Sim Ownership Details information of any phone that harassed you or your family member
Yes, it is legal to request and obtain information about the owner of a SIM card under certain circumstances, such as for security or legal purposes.
Yes, the platform provides the registered name of the SIM card owner, which can give you an idea to Find Sim Card Owner Details
If you need to check the SIM Ownership details of your SIM card. you can go to and enter your CNIC Number and click the search button you can get all number which activate against your cnic or send message

Sim Owner Details

With, users can quickly and easily find out the name of the sim card owner, their address, and other relevant details. This website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to anyone who wants to search for sim card information. Overall, is an excellent resource for anyone looking for information about Pakistani sim cards and their owners.